How to eat healthy every day?

Everyone has their opinion on the question: for them, eating healthy is eating organic. For him, eating well is eating without fat. For my friends, of course, it is to eat without sugar, for the others obviously, it is gluten free and for that, it is exclusively vegan. For the neighbor, it is to prohibit […]

take good care of your baby to be happy

It is perfectly normal to worry about the arrival of your baby at home. You will not be the first young parents to ever change clothes or put their pajamas on a baby. Most of us learned on the job and we almost all made mistakes! But do not worry. Your instincts will guide you […]

How to be good in bed and satisfy your partner

If you’re wondering if you’re really good in bed, you definitely have a lot of room for improvement. After all, being good depends largely on your chemistry with your partner. But to be sure to hit the ground (almost every time), here are the tips you need to know. By putting them into practice, you […]

how to overcome neuropathic pain with tramadol to find peace

You suffer from indescribable pain and rebel to the point of wanting to “finish”. These intense and permanent pains leave you no respite. In addition, ending your life seems to be the only way to relieve yourself. These pains are all the more difficult to bear because they deprive you of all the riches of […]

How to distinguish neuropathic pain and inflammatory pain?

Each of us has felt at least one day in his flesh and his spirit: the pain is covered under different sensations, the universe, the other mind, the others. In other words, feeling a pain, “it is having a pain in the body, but it is also suffering emotionally,” one speaks then of an inflammatory […]

Is Tramadol dangerous for your health ?

what is tramadol? What is the dose to take in case of pain? What are the effects on the ability to drive and use machines? when not to use this medicine? Warning and precautions for use Taking alcohol during treatment is not recommended. Mechanism of action: how does it work? Interactions: Do not take this […]

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